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Focus Inward For Holistic Wellbeing

Date and time

Tue, Apr 5, 2022, 10:00 PM –

Wed, Apr 6, 2022, 12:00 AM +03


Online event

“Improve your mind,
re-design yourself.”


What London School of Mind Do

Business Mind & Sustainable

Neuroscience for Business

To have a business mind means to continually improve your mind to solve any problems and to become a person who knows all the risks that come with every investment. London School of Mind will help you, your company, team and friends to maximize

the potential of business mind. You can find under this program many topics including; 

Holistic Neuro Counseling, industrial psychology training, excluve speakings

in company events about brain and mind, Efficient use of the brain, Industrial psychology, Protection from psychiatric diseases, Technology addiction,

Success in life, Neuro-management, Neuroscience based training, Brain-based communication and Neuro marketing

Parent Mind

Neuroscience for Families, parents and kids

Bring your conscious attention to what's happening while being a parent with midful parenting approach and respond thoughtfully to your child's behaviors

or actions versus simply reacting.

You can find under this section of London School of the Mind ;

How to communicate with your children, Mindful parenting, Sensitive and responsive parenting, Making kids happy with the warm experience of giving, Connecting with nature, Brain development with mutual understanding and many more... 

Spiritual Mind

Neuroscience for Life, Mindfulness and Well-being

If you feed your mind the proper "food" you will have everything you can imagine in life.

With that program, you will improve your brain based on scientific studies about meditation, mindfulness and well-being. Behavioral studies suggest that mindfulness mediation provides beneficial effects on a number of cognitive domains, including attention, memory, executive function, and cognitive flexibility.

Creative Mind

Neuroscience for Creativity and Inspiration

Neuroscience is exploring what characterizes creative minds. Highly original thinkers show very strong connectivity between three networks of the brain. These are mind wandering, focused thinking and selective attention, and all three can be strengthened with practice.

London School of Mind Workshops 

You can reserve your seat on our both online and face to face trainings, workshops.

Please visit our instagram page LondonSchoolofMind for recent updates and announcements 

Hello, we are
London School of Mind. 

Here to take your Mind to another level.  

London School of Mind is initiating a new art and science approach with a holistic view, looking for answers about the brain. 

The need of the new era is a Mind-based neo philosophy and scientific approach. London School of Mind, LSM is an initiative and creative platform which provides science and art-based workshops, speeches, lectures, and consultancy. 


Inside of London School of Mind, under the leadership of a Medical Doctor ( whose expertise and study area are Brain itself for 20 years with Ph.D. biophysics ), there will be cultural & philosophical tools, historical, behavioral science & psychology, modern science, innovative technologies, impact analysis, art, and creativity. 

London School of Mind has been wide open for everyone, curious art and science lovers, teachers, consultants, and companies.

Brands & Partnerships

Today, in many companies, educational institutions, academia, and non-governmental organizations of various scales, projects, collaborations, and field studies are carried out with this content. London School of Mind business model is based on the power of data, and it brings together the knowledge gleaned from scientific literature with the realities of the field, and this really works ! 

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Let's Get Started

We are here with many services, programs, trainings and workshops

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